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    Rafael Nadal

  • 2

    Novak Djokovic

  • 3

    David Ferrer

  • 4

    Andy Murray

  • 5

    Juan Martin Del Potro

  • 6

    Roger Federer

  • 7

    Tomas Berdych

  • 8

    Stanislas Wawrinka

  • 9

    Richard Gasquet

  • 10

    Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

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    want ants? Because that's. how you get ants! Dr. Krieger: [on Elke] Like to get a physical from her Archer: Jesus, Krieger, you're. still taping bum fights?

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    Sorry, I don't want to spam, but this is priceless Krieger: Press that red button Archer: Is it going to kill everyone? Krieger: Press that blue button. 1 · March. 22 

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    Jan 27, 2013. Ant-man! Or I don't know It's not entirely clear what Krieger was going for, but Archer. guessed that Krieger wanted the relative strength of an ant 

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    That's How You Get Ants! meltingdoll: Catching up on Archer and doodling Just think, there could be time travel or. portal jumping or a Pam-Krieger spin-off.

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    Let me just say that tomorrow night's. all-new Archer is, um, technology driven. By Doctor Krieger standards anyway No radioactive. ants?

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    Apr 8, 2011. Clip of Krieger from Archer S02E08. I don't own this, and hopefully it will inspire you to give them money for making such a good show Posting 

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FEDEX archer krieger ants HEAD 2 HEAD

Apr 6, 2013. ISIS joins a social networking website, well. everyone except Archer, but not for long "It has been drawn to my attention" Malory glared at Krieger, "That while the threat is always lurking on That is exactly how. you get ants!


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Browse all Instagram photos. tagged with #sterlingarcher View likes and. comments. 9:17 - Trinette threatens Archer to “throw acid in your face!”, a reference to 10: 14 Krieger says “not great”, a reference to Xander Crews' reading ability (“How's.   Jan 24, 2013 Archer's old friend surfaces, and. the show drifts into gay panic jokes and Krieger trying to give himself the proportionate strength of an ant, 

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