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    Rafael Nadal

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    Novak Djokovic

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    David Ferrer

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    Andy Murray

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    Juan Martin Del Potro

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    Roger Federer

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    Tomas Berdych

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    Stanislas Wawrinka

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    Richard Gasquet

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    Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

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    May 15, 2013. SAN JUAN (Reuters) - Puerto Rico's sole non-voting representative to Rico becoming a nation in a free association. with the United States 

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    Nov 24, 2012 Ever since the United States invaded Puerto Rico in 1898 and then was handed the island I was used to being “discovered” as Puerto Rican

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    Dec 5, 2012 After more than 800000 Puerto Rican voters said. they want the island to become the 51st U S state, the White House is calling on lawmakers to 

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    Puerto Rico isn't holding a Constitutional Assembly to decide whether the island's residents want to become the 51st state Yet Puerto. Ri. Read Whole Story 

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    Apr 10, 2013. Calling for another vote indicates the Obama administration has rejected the. argument that Puerto Ricans voted to become the 51st state in a 

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    Jun 14, 2013. The obscure Flag Day holiday is kind of like Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia, and the litany of other small territories and possessions 

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    Puerto Rican voters this week backed. a ballot measure that endorses U S. statehood for the first time in its history, but the odds remain long that lingering 

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    Contents 1 Legal requirements; 2 Possible new states 2. 1 By changes of. status of U S. land. 2 1 1 Puerto Rico 2. 1. 1 1 Background; 2 1 1 2 Vote for statehood

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    Oct 21, 2013. Regardless of the referendum, Puerto Rico is. unlikely to become a state any time soon Because the island remains a territory, the decision is 

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    Health Requirements Reguarding the Importation of Animals For more information on current regulations please contact: Dr. Hector Diaz-Collazo State 


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FEDEX puerto rico becoming a state HEAD 2 HEAD

Jun 8, 2012 The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico has had the opportunity to join the United States a number of times, with the United States Federal 



Apr 19, 2013 That is historical since this is the first time ever the United States. actively do something about puerto rico becoming a state. Here is a link 

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The vast majority of Puerto Ricans want to keep the status quo and remain a Commonwealth. A less popular but vocal camp. is in favor of becoming a U S state. For Puerto Rico to become a state, it would need to convince Congress and the president that statehood is not only in the best interest of the Puerto Rican  Barely a month before the United States enters World War I, President Woodrow Wilson signs the Jones-Shafroth act, granting U S citizenship to the. inhabitants 

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